domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

Get in to literature

  Everyone knows by now this blog is about female seduction- so you are a male and want to pull the girls?you are in the right spot.As the title reveals getting in to social dynamics literature is the first step in transforming your future- reading up on any kind of literature and complimenting it with practice will take you where you want to stand.Again this is not easy,Becoming a better you requires effort but its not impossible.Most of the techniques will have you getting in to embarrassing social situations and this is for the sole purpose of getting used to be in the spotlight.
         To start off you might want to look in to Love system.They started the fad and they have some good insight,from where to say and what to show.Tyler durden and the guys also have good insight and also be sure to check davidX.All of this literature you can find in the bay of yarrgs.If you are interested and want to get in to the game i can always advice,i don't want this project to die all i want is to help people who might be in a situation where i found myself before

     I just got back from the field, it was a decent night,ive found myself in a really good spot at the moment.Last Tuesday i had a realization.I used to hate those stupid group projects every other college professor likes to trow at you.My freshman years where spent playing World of Warcraft and munching shit all the time.The toll to my health and social competence was huge,i couldn't walk in a crowded room without trying to blend the fuck out of everyone's sight.But Tuesday struck me... after 3 years i finally felt complete.My professor of medical law threw us a group project and without breaking a sweat i already had 2 girls in my group the first one was a 7 the other one a 8.Now the beautiful thing about this is,most likely you would think THEY came up to me and asked me to pair up as you would see it happen to the cool guy in the movies...Nope,i grabbed my balls and using the 3 pillars of alpha presence(eye contact/body posture/high voice tone) had them come in to me.
                                                                                  What amuses me of this is the fact that i didn't think of it,it came naturally.My social awareness is so strong at the moment that its not a problem to deal with social manipulation(they were around the most disciplined on the class).This might sound mundane to you but its just to let you see where i came from and im hella proud. :P.

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sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

Woot finally starting something here.

        Hey everyone what you see here will soon be the start of something big :D over the past 3 years ive dedicated my time to the studies of social dynamics.I will start blogging my adventures daily here and hopefully you guys will get something out of it. I'm down for advice or debate weather you like my style or not its up to you but hopefully everyone will walk out with new knowledge.
                                                                                       For those starting your journey,this is not the easiest of tasks and most definitely reading will not net you the girls.If you aren't going to get yourself out there and socialize don't waste people's time as you WONT progress.this is 30%theory and 70%practice.The theory will help you develop your social skills faster thats for granted but if you never practice you will be stuck in your room forever.I will update shortly as i have a few errands to run.