sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

Woot finally starting something here.

        Hey everyone what you see here will soon be the start of something big :D over the past 3 years ive dedicated my time to the studies of social dynamics.I will start blogging my adventures daily here and hopefully you guys will get something out of it. I'm down for advice or debate weather you like my style or not its up to you but hopefully everyone will walk out with new knowledge.
                                                                                       For those starting your journey,this is not the easiest of tasks and most definitely reading will not net you the girls.If you aren't going to get yourself out there and socialize don't waste people's time as you WONT progress.this is 30%theory and 70%practice.The theory will help you develop your social skills faster thats for granted but if you never practice you will be stuck in your room forever.I will update shortly as i have a few errands to run.

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  1. I have to agree, mostly, with your latter paragraph. HOWEVER! it is possible to get girls, if you convince them to come to you. But please, everyone, shower, change the bedsheets, and clean up before they get there.

  2. I'm going to use this to help make friends. Being aspergic makes talking to anyone hard. But at least I already have a relationship.

    *follows and waits intently*

  3. i noticed this myself, its always better to go out and do something, rather than sit learn about it

  4. Wow, very interested in what you are going to be blogging about!